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Company Name
Representative Director and President Kenichi Wataya
Kamimaruko 1082, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, 386-0404 Japan
TEL:0268-42-3114 FAX:0268-42-3515
24 million yen
72 people (59 male, 13 female) As of October 2018.
Main Clients
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tsugami Corporation
Odawara Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Matsuyama Plow MFG. Co.,Ltd.
Yamada Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
Partner Banks
Hachijuni Bank Maruko branch


April 1936
Wataya Manufacturing was founded,
YD type cocoon machine, Reeling machine, general mechanical machinery.
June 1942
Wataya Manufacturing Company Limited was established, (Representative Director Masashi/Masayoshi Wataya),
was designated as a munitions manufacturing factory by the NAVY.
September 1945
Started manufacturing food processing machinery
(pulverizer, double boiler, pulper finisher, etc.)
September 1948
Started manufacturing YD type farm equipment
April 1955
Started manufacturing labor-saving and rationalized machines for various industries.
May 1955
Representative Director Mitsuo Wataya assumed office.
April 1961
Started manufacturing injection molding machine (manufacturing up to assembly). Was designated as cooperative factory of Nissei Plastic Industry Co. Ltd.
May 1973
Capital Stocks increased to 12 million yen
April 1979
Started manufacturing (assembling) of blow molding machine as a cooperative factory of Nissei ASV Machinery Co. Ltd.
September 1995
Capital Stocks increased to 24 million yen
June 2001
Representative Director Kenichi/Kenji Wataya assumed office.
April 2005
Acquired ISO9000
June 2012
Started the business of Thread Cutting Die
November 2013
Established the factory of Thread Cutting Die
May 2015
Established nternational Environmental Tech-Research Co.,Ltd
April 2016
Established In-house product trial development and study group
April 2018
Renewed ISO9001:2015
July 2018
Acquired certification

- Wataya's Manufacturing History -

Maruko (now Ueda City district) prospered as a sericulture zone from the Meiji era up to the end of the Taisho era. Mainly flourished by making machine-made yarn through the Yoda company. We have developed from a flower-shaped industry zone by exporting silk to the USA since the opening of the Maruko railway during the Taisho period (1911).
In the onset of the Showa era, the silk-making industry declined due to the influence of the Great Depression, and together with its decline, the silk factory disappeared by the end of the Pacific War.
On the other hand, while the silk-making industry declined, the evacuated factory as well as the machine industry that advanced during the war, served as the basis for industrial development. It greatly shifted the industrial structure of Maruko (present day Maruko Ueda City).
In such a transition economy, Wataya Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed and contributed to society mainly in the manufacture of general machinery and equipment (YD style boiler cocoon machine, reeling machine).

- Founder Zenzou Wataya -

Born in Kaga-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture on May 3, 1894 (Meiji Era), working hard at the Maizuru Navy Arsenal, he acquired intricate techniques.
He assumed office as manager of Maruko Kogyo Co., Ltd. on August 1924 (Taisho Era).
In 1935, he established Wataya Manufacturing. Maruko saw the birth of the machinery industry through the production of excellent precision machines.
On November 1946, he became the first president of the Maruko Chamber of Commerce and on April 1951, he was elected as a town council member as vice chairman of Maruko. Additionally, he was appointed as election management chairman of Maruko and contributed greatly to society.
Furthermore, over the past 53 years while establishing the association, he exerted efforts in training hundreds of engineers from low to high-skilled personnel.
In commemoration of his accomplishments and contributions, he was awarded recognition by the governor and a monument was built for him.

People who founded the cornerstone of industrialization (Ueda City, Maruko district)

People who built the foundation of industries in Maruko (six people awarded with recognition monument)

Kamesaburo Shimomura
He started the first instruments in the yarn making industry and founded the Yoda corporation in Maruko (Present day Ueda City, Maruko district). Worked hard to change Maruko and developed the industry. He laid out the foundation for the industrial city of Maruko.

Zensuke Kudo
He became president of the Yoda corporation after succeeding Kamesaburo Shimomura. He improved the quality of yarn and developed production that expanded the dominance of the company. He also advanced numerous public facilities including the opening of a railroad.

Kaneko Kinpei
He set up a yarn testing facility at Yoda that focused on the improvement of thread quality as well as technological innovation. Moreover, during the decline of the silk-making industry, he succeeded in inviting Kanegafuchi Spinning Co. Ltd., thus contributing to the industrial restoration of Maruko town.

Harazou Matsuyama
He invented a single-sided twin clad cloth which is the origin of Shuangyu. He registered 20 utility model patents under the name Suki Matsuyama that spread throughout the country. He played a central role in the agricultural machine industry.

Kaneko Gyotoku
He developed Shinano Silk Spinning Co., Ltd. that focused on capital intensive silk. Since then, he has maintained continuous surplus management and upon entering the electronic industry, he contributed vastly to the promotion of the regional industry.

Zenzou Wataya
He founded Wataya Plant. While teaching technical guidance himself, he was able to train a large number of excellent technicians. He has encouraged self-independence and has produced 20 famous personalities as managers. He focused on training small to medium enterprises.

- Greeting -

We are developing business in both the assembly and manufacturing department. We provide wiring, adjustment of molding machines as well as special machinery. We also process and manufacture machine parts and others.

Based on the technology that we have built for many years, all our employees are united with the effort in “Seeking Unlimited Growth” as our company slogan.

- Quality Policy -

In order to provide products and services trusted by customers, we continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and we always strive to build better partnerships with our customers.

  1. Because of our thorough quality first, we were able to gain customer’s trust and satisfaction.
  2. We take responsibility with the quality of our own process and do not disrupt subsequent processes.
  3. We emphasize education and training as we strive continuously to improve on our quality.

- Companywide quality goal -

  1. We are always conscious of customer needs. We make efforts to improve customer satisfaction by producing zero defective products and deliver 100% product rate of processed goods and assemblies. (at completion of assembly, the number of nonconformities per unit is 0.2 or less, limit processing defects to 1 or less).
  2. Delivery date (secured 100% of the time) according to in-house production plan schedule. Delay is ZERO.
  3. Additional objectives are 100% achieved.
  4. Promotion of 5S activities.

- Challenge for new technology -

1. Purpose

Advances in fields such as communication satellite information, health care, welfare and environmental energy that can be expected to grow in the future.

2. Organization・Management

  • Divide into 4 groups listed below and conduct parallel study.
    ①Communication satellite information ②Healthcare and Welfare ③Environmental Energy ④Overseas business Development
  • In management, future proceedings will be consulted among accumulated members, but in the meantime, we will progress with Maruko Techno Net executives as the core.
  • The subjects include Ueda City Commerce Association, Maruko Industry Promotion Organization, Maruko Techno managers, employees, etc.
Members of Shinshu Satellite Research Association
Members of Shinshu Medical Industry Promotion

Our company is a resilience certified company

"Resilience certification" was confirmed to comply with "requirements of certification organization" prescribed in "Guidelines for Certification of Territorial Tolerance Contributing Organizations" from the Cabinet Secretariat National Land Tolerability Office "Resilience Japan Promotion Consultation Meeting" is conducted as "certification of national tenement contributing organization" based on the above guidelines.